Biography of TONY GREEN

It's not uncommon for creative people to have more than one musical outlet for their muse. Musicians as diverse as Felix Mendelssohn, George Gershwin, Tony Bennett and Joni Mitchell could all paint, for instance.

I know fewer examples of great visual artists who are musically gifted, but TONY GREEN certainly fits that description. The New Orleans native is one of the city's better-known painters, and lately his musical star has been rising as well: numerous appearances at the New Orleans Jazz Fest, musical tours in Italy, Germany, Hungary & Switzerland, and rave reviews for his last three Gypsy Jazz CDs.

As a guitarist growing up in the '60s and 70's, Tony's idol is of all people the Belgian gypsy jazz giant Django Reinhardt. Green got turned onto Reinhardt's style of music while studying art in Brugges, Belgium, in 1978.

Since 1982, Green has spent a part of each year living in Venice, Italy, painting landscapes and performing with his Italian Gypsy Jazz trio around Europe. Not only is TONY GREEN & Gypsy Jazz a popular fixture on the New Orleans music scene: Tony is also well-known for his many outstanding paintings, murals, and posters which illustrate various aspects of New Orleans' music & culture.

Tom McDermott