OFF PLANET WITH TONY GREEN was a weekly radio transmission I did for the Firehorse Network and Veterans Truth Network where I bring forth startling information that challenges the foundations of our belief system to help liberate We The People!

OFF PLANET I ~ Introduction

Tony Green's first broadcast of his PodCast "OFF PLANET WITH TONY GREEN"

OFF PLANET II ~ Federal Reserve Bank

This episode discusses the Federal Reserve Bank, the intelligence of water and introduces Matthew Delooze to speak on the real meaning of America's Independence Day


Tony Green tackles the subject of jazz musician Sun Ra, our pineal gland and the psychic parasites known as Archons.

OFF PLANET IV ~ Contemporary Art

Tony Green's podcast exposes the Patron's of Honor control of the contemporary art market

OFF PLANET V ~ Music Business

Tony Green examines the reason for the change in musical tuning from 432hz to 440hz by the Illuminati and investigates the work of journalist David McGowan on the CIA involvement in the creation of the hippie movement in Laurel Canyon. Includes interviews with David McGowan, Frank Zappa and Dr. Leonard Horowitz

OFF PLANET VI ~ Film Industry

This episode presents an exposé of Hollywood, Disney, Princess Programming and Stanley Kubrick's filming of the Apollo 11 alleged moon landing

OFF PLANET VII ~ Planet Saturn

Tony Green takes us on a tour of the mysterious planet Saturn delivering compelling information about the planet's influence on religion and on our daily lives. Not to be missed!

OFF PLANET VIII ~ The Illuminati

This episode presents controversial information concerning the infamous shadow government known as the Illuminati. Illuminating!

OFF PLANET IX ~ Chemtrails & Morgellon's Disease

Tony talks about chemtrails and Morgellon's disease

OFF PLANET X ~ MK-ULTRA Mind Control, Monarch Sex Kitten Programming & The Wizard of OZ

Tony Green deals with the treacherous subject of MK-ULTRA mind control, Monarch sex kitten programming and what's behind the cult classic film "The Wizard of OZ"

OFF PLANET XI ~ Reptilian Control System

Tony Green's podcast talks about the reptilian control system over humanity that dates back to the beginning of time

OFF PLANET XII ~ Jesuits & Extraterrestrials

This week's program focuses on Tony's interview with Gary King of Patriot Radio and William Dean Garner who discusses the connection between the Society of Jesus (aka the Jesuits) and the extraterrestrials

OFF PLANET XIII ~ Big Oil Companies

Tony interviews environmental lawyer Stuart H. Smith whose new book CRUDE JUSTICE exposes the irresponsible polluting of our planet by the big oil companies Chevron, Exxon Mobil, and British Petroleum

OFF PLANET XIV ~ Predictive Programming

Tony tackles the subject of Predictive Programming that's perpetrated upon the masses by Hollywood, Television, and the Main Stream Media

OFF PLANET XV ~ The Global Warming Scam

Tony debunks the world wide scam know as "Global Warming" aka "Climate Change" by exposing con man and Illuminati stooge Al Gore

OFF PLANET XVI ~ Secret Societies

Tony discuss the secret societies that have been running our planet including the Bilderberg Group, the Club of Rome and the Committee of 300 featuring Dr. John Coleman A chance to step outside of your comfort zone!

OFF PLANET XVII ~ Everyday Illuminati Symbols

Listen to Tony investigate the symbols of the Illuminati which are in our face everyday including the Washington Monument, the Great Seal & pyramid on our $1 bill and the number 1776 explained in terms of occult numerology by researcher Mark Passio

OFF PLANET XVIII ~ Gary King Interview

Here's my latest podcast of OFF PLANET WITH TONY GREEN where I interview fellow New Orleanian Gary King of Patriot Radio fame. Topics include the JFK assassination (of which Gary is an expert), the Zionist controlled governments, the controlled resistance and the eventual micro chipping of humanity.
Man up & step outside of your comfort zone!

OFF PLANET XIX ~ Smart Phone enslavement and Facebook

In this broadcast I tackle the subject of the enslavement of society by Smart Phone technology and the synthetic friendships created by a CIA funded device called Facebook.


In broadcast #20 Tony tackles the profound, yet elusive subject of LOVE, featuring Eckhart Tolle, David Icke, and Charlie Chaplin, with the music of Danny Gatton, Django Reinhardt, and The Paul Whiteman Orchestra, plus much more!